Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy details how we, Still Not Sure Ltd., use and protect any information that you give when you use our website, our play our game(s).

We care deeply about protecting your privacy and will never use personal information for any reason other than to improve your experience. This policy may be changed from time to time, in which case those changes will be reflected on this site. Please check here occasionally to ensure that any changes to the terms are ones you remain comfortable with.


Airborn uses an online leaderboard which tracks each player's user id and scores, and displays them in-game. Other analytics are also gathered and stored, such as playtime and gameplay features used. These are gathered purely to help us improve gameplay.

Airborn runs on the framework of the online store it was purchased from: Steam, or the Oculus Store. Those frameworks provide the user information needed for the leaderboards. For more information on how those platforms use your personal information, please read the Steam and Oculus privacy policies.

The website

We use Google Analytics to track things like page hits, user retention and anonymous activity data throughout our website. For more information, please read Google's privacy policy